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Information on Disneyland Grad Nite 2015 - Request Quote
Disney Grad Nite is available exclusively to groups of 10 or more graduating seniors from the same high school. To request an event contract for your school, please complete all the information below. Attendances for all events are limited. Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served bases. Confirmation of your date will be available within two weeks of receipt of your requests. Please note that completing this form is NOT a guarantee your school will be able to attend on the night of your first choice. FFYS will be your travel planner and contact for Grad-Nite at 1-800-544-7546.
School Information
  Official School Name:  
  Principal's Name:  
  Street Address:  
  City: State: Zip:  
  School Phone: School Fax:  
  Graduation Date:

Chaperone Phone:

  School District:    
Chaperone Admission
All groups must have at least 1 adult (age 21 or older) chaperones. One Chaperone ticket is available for every 20 students purchased (e.g. 59 student tickets purchased = 2 chaperone tickets, while 60 student tickets purchased = 3 chaperone tickets). If you have more chaperones that this 20:1 ratio, the additional chaperones are required to purchase tickets at the student price in order to attend.
  Head Chaperone's Name:  
  To whom in your school should future correspondence be sent?:  
  Head Chaperone please provide your email address:  
  Address to whom future correspondence should be sent:  
  Street Address: # of seniors in graduating class:  
  City: State: Zip:  
Estimated Group Size
Please provide an estimate of the number of students and chaperones that will be attending from your school. These numbers are estimates only and can be modified as the event gets closer.
  Student's: Chaperone's:  
Requested Disney Grad Nite Visit Date
  Since the requested dates cannot be guaranteed, please provide us with your first and second choice of dates. To do this, please place a "1" by your first choice and a "2" by your second choice.
2015 Dates
May 13 May 15 May 16 May 18 May 26
May 27 May 29 May 30    
June 02 June 03 June 05 June 06 June 10
June 12 June 13 June 17 June 19  
*I acknowledge that I am planning my Grad Nite event with the


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